Client Law Firms & Corporations

Since its inception in 1981, Villasenor & Associates has been devoted exclusively to the placement of attorneys with law firms and corporate legal departments and to the initiation of law firm mergers and acquisitions. Hector Villasenor, Founding Partner of the company, is a 1972 graduate from UCLA School of Law and has been in the attorney search field since 1978, a time when the practice itself was still being developed in California. He is widely recognized as a pioneer in his field and a trusted advisor to the thousands of attorneys he has counseled over the last four decades.

With such a long and storied history, our recruiting firm has a proven track record of providing the highest caliber of candidates and maintaining a focus on and attention to our clients’ needs. We search out and recruit the brightest and most talented attorneys in today’s highly competitive legal market and, in addition, we are keenly aware of our clients’ attention and commitment to diversity in the workplace. Matching the profile of qualified candidates with the position to be filled is the keynote to our success. We do not flood our clients with candidates’ resumes, but rather we take the time to determine exactly what the client’s requirements are and then we present only a limited number of suitable and qualified candidates. Our candidates are thoroughly and personally interviewed, thereby insuring only those worthy of our client firms’ time and consideration will be presented.

Having been very successful in recruiting attorneys for over 30 years, we have developed close and long-standing relationships with our client law firms and corporations, as well as with a vast number of attorneys at all levels all over California. Our firm provides the legal community with a unique service that distinguishes us from other search firms in our highly motivated approach and proven ability to make a successful and long-lasting match.

Attorney Candidates

From the beginning, our primary focus at Villasenor & Associates has been to offer our attorney candidates a highly personalized and confidential placement service. We assist our candidates in exploring full-time or contract positions with law firms and in-house law departments. Our long-standing and highly respected relationships with our client law firms and in-house law departments provide our candidates with the benefit of immediate access to our extensive information and resources for available opportunities.

Another unique and important feature that we feel distinguishes us from other search firms is that we know how to “listen” to our candidates as we take the time to get know them. We provide an extremely customized service to all of our candidates which includes refining resumes, interviewing preparation and appropriate follow-up techniques.

Furthermore, Villasenor & Associates has always believed in working with firms and corporations of all sizes and scopes in order to offer a comprehensive view of the legal market throughout California. Because we are extremely knowledgeable about a vast number of law firms and corporations, we are able to discuss the many facets of their environments and cultures, which is so crucial when considering new opportunities. By exploring the broadest range possible, we are able to offer our candidates the ability to consider opportunities that fit any lifestyle, practice, compensation and geographic area.


“My career had hit a standstill and I wasn’t even sure what direction I wanted to go. A colleague of mine referred me to Villasenor & Associates and I am forever thankful. Not only did they help me define where I wanted to take my career, but they then presented me with numerous opportunities that matched those parameters and ultimately helped place me in my current position. I still receive phone calls all the time from recruiters, but Villasenor & Associates is the only search firm I will use myself or refer to friends.”
– Junior Litigator, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with V&A was truly a pleasure. The entire team was involved and each person brought a unique perspective to the table. They took the time to really listen and learn about me and even meet with me in person, which few other recruiters have ever offered to do. In the end, I know I made the right choice and I couldn’t be happier with my new position.”
– Corporate Associate, Los Angeles, CA

“I had an interesting situation of wanting to relocate from Los Angeles up to San Francisco and I wasn’t entirely aware of the firms and positions available. V&A really helped guide me through the process and made me feel very at ease, knowing they were on top of it. My goal was to join a firm in Los Angeles where I could eventually transition to their San Francisco office – a unique twist that V&A was able to successfully negotiate on my behalf before I accepted the position.”
– L&E Associate, San Francisco, CA

“As an experienced attorney, I considered myself quite knowledgeable about what opportunities were out there for me.  However, it wasn’t until I actually began the process of searching for a new job that I learned the true value of working with V&A. Not only did they open my eyes to new firms and new opportunities, but they were invaluable in representing my interests throughout the process. In these challenging economic times, you really need an ally on your side – choose V&A.”
– Litigation Partner, Los Angeles, CA