Real Estate Attorneys: You can make Partner OR work Part-Time (remote, if desired)

Good Afternoon,

I’m working with a thriving boutique real estate firm that is seeking experienced attorneys who have a comprehensive transactional real estate practice.  There are opportunities to join this firm in a couple of different capacities. 

1) Counsel/Partner – Fighting to make Partner at a BigLaw firm can be a very frustrating and often unsuccessful endeavor.  If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a ceiling and your firm no longer offers meaningful growth potential, this could be a great time to get in at the ground floor of a growing firm.

2) Part-Time – maybe you’re over the long hours and would like to have a bit more work/life balance.  If so, this very same firm is offering the chance to work on a reduced-hours schedule, including the ability to work remotely.  In this scenario, there would be little to no supervision, so you must be extremely comfortable with managing all types of real estate transactions.

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